The Importance of Children

I know that I have asked myself many times how many children I want to have. I come from a family with four children, and I’m the third in the line. I absolutely LOVE having siblings, and although we fought and still fight with each other often, I have learned so much from them and they have helped me become the person I am today. I believe that children are so important in a family, and I think it is very important that children have siblings. Siblings often become each others’ best friends! I love my older sister so much, and she is definitely my best friend. Often, too, older siblings help raise their younger siblings. For example, I was almost ten when my little brother was born, and my older siblings were almost twelve and fifteen. Because of this, we played a big role in how our little man grew up. Having siblings is so important.

The question is, then, what do others think? How many kids are we told we should have? Some people may think that having a lot of children will use up all our resources, and eventually we will become extinct due to lack of food and water. This seems like a valid argument, except experts also thought this back in the 70s as well. Back then, our population was at about 3 billion people, and we were told that we could not fit any more people on the earth. But, look at how many humans live here now! An amazing 7 billion! And we’re still surviving! One of the biggest reasons our population is so large is because we’re living longer. We learned in class this week that parents need about two children in order to keep balance. The two children make up for the parents if they were to pass away. If families continually choose to have one child, the population could be reduced to a fourth of what it was originally in just a few generations. And that could also cause some major problems. All in all, I believe that children are very important in this world and we need to have them in order to keep a balance.

Now, let me get all spiritual on you. I have asked myself many times how many children I want to have. After asking myself this, I have settled on the nice number of two. Yes, I would like to have only two kids. But, as I thought about that, I wondered, “What would Heavenly Father think if I stopped at two and He wanted me to have more?” And that is the question we need to ask. How many children does Heavenly Father want me to have? Granted, I don’t think I’ll be having children any time soon, but it is still very important for me to ask. Let’s think about it together. Let’s say I have my two children, and decide to stop there. But, what if Heavenly Father had a plan for this beautiful soul to come into my family? What if I had stopped this child to come into this world in my family? Where would that baby go? I never want to put a child in a situation where they don’t belong. With that said, we need to pray and ask Heavenly Father how many children we should have. Heavenly Father knows all, and He will bless us when we follow Him.

Until we meet again,



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