The Family is Ordained of God

Today I will be talking about a touchy subject for everyone. I apologize in advance to anyone I may offend or hurt. These are my views and I hope that I can explain them well enough.

This week in class, we were learning about same gender attraction. This is not necessarily what I want to talk about today. I would like to move away from that subject a little and talk about marriage. There is a battle going on at the moment that has to do with same-sex marriage. Personally, I do not support same-sex marriage, as I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I used to be somewhat supportive of it, but now as I have learned about the issues that come from it, I have become opposed. In the LDS church, we are taught that our goal on earth is to get married and have children, all the while trying to follow Christ. I don’t feel like I need to dive too deep into this subject, because all of us know what the arguments are.

Just for right now, I would like you to think about the children that we are or will be raising. It is crucial to The Plan of Happiness that a child have a mother and a father. There are certain aspects of life that a mother teaches, and others that a father teaches. If you look at young boys, for example, fathers are there to help their sons figure out ways to express their anger in a positive way by wrestling with them and giving them different outlets. Many times, same gender attraction comes from missing a mother or a father in life. When children have a mother and father, they are happier and better taken care of since they have the different lessons being taught by the right people. Yes, same-gender couples can raise children, but not with the happiness and power that mothers and fathers can.

I sincerely hope that we can all come together and find a way to keep family values together.

Until we meet again,



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